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Should I Be Worried About These Gray Spots?

I noticed these spots on my sheets as of last night… They are pretty light gray and I do not see any other evidence at this time. They are about 6 inches from the base of my pillow and I cannot locate any other spots, flecks, discolorations ect. anywhere else on the sheets, pillow cases, sides of bed or mattress pad. I tried to add water to one spot and hydrogen peroxide to the other to see if they changed in color… no go. Any advice or do I have to wait to see what else occurs…

Nevermind. Just had the Ehrlich BB specialist in and he said that the spots are too light. Also, “peppering” (which is what I thought this was, aka BB feces) does not typically occur with a new infestation ON the top of the bed sheets but rather the sides and underneath. In a severe infestation, one could see the peppering on top of the bed sheets. Also, I haven’t seen any other evidence and he said that more evidence would be likely if I had them. Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.

Hi Claire,
We are sorry for the slow response and it does not appear that those are bedbugs however just in case I will attach a link to this which will help identify bedbugs and their tenancies, we are glad to hear you do not have bedbugs and if there is anything we can do to assist please feel free to reach back out to us any time.
The pictures shown here do not appear to be bedbugs however I will still attach a link below to show an example of bedbugs and some of their tenancies etc. Id recommend reaching out to a local entomologist and see if they are able to identify what type of insect this is.
Warm Regards,

Many thanks Mark! I like to better be informed instead of making rash decisions. The link provided gives excellent information. I appreciate your time.