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Still being bitten after full chemical treatment by Local Enviromental Health PCOs

We had cleared everything away. All clothing was put in heavy duty vacuum bags and sealed. Then placed in garage. Got de cluttered and threw away two large skips worth of stuff. Only clothes in house are in one walk in wardrobe after being washed at 95 for 3.5 hours then tumble dried for say another hour at least, these were all ironed are in special zip lock vacuum bags on hangers then Sprayed with rubbing alcohol. We were told to keep beds but guys took of bug proof mattress protectors in rooms. We are awaiting new replacements as I decided to wash them and stick them in tumble drier (not a good idea) We got rid of a used sofa we had bought and this we destroyed so no one else could use it. We still have two sofas and soft chairs in our family room and I covered them in plastic (to be fair the plastic is not the thickest). Anyhow I am still being bitten when sitting in seat, walking on carpet and in bed. To be fair the biting stopped for about five days or so after treatment but I am finding bite marks on myself again and son has them on his forehead September hairline. These PCO guys were thorough carpets, walls, beds, furniture in fact even the sockets got some type of dust in them. They normally work in difficult housing areas so they do really know what they are doing. The plan is to come back week 4 and spray a growth slower again but this time only on carpeting and flooring. As they are pretty sure this will be enough. We had a nightmare getting diagnosed with bed bugs as 4 different pcos said they needed a full body. All we got was fecal spots, blood spotting on bedding and what looked like black pepper. I was covered in bites and scars which my doctor diagnosed as scabies even though she admitted it did not look like atypical scabies. The point was these things seemed to prefer biting me to anyone in family

Hi, Abby. You’ve given us a lot of information here, so I’m going to have to address a couple of different points separately:

First off, you say you’re being bitten while you’re walking on the carpet, among other places. If you can feel the bites as they’re happening, or otherwise can tell exactly when you’re being bitten, then it’s not likely you’re dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs inject a numbing agent when they bite, and they avoid biting people who are active for fear of being squished.

Secondly, your PCO treated with dust and growth slower, but you made no mention of other insecticides or contact killing methods such as steam. What you’ve described sounds like an incomplete treatment, as no type of dust alone is going to solve the problem. You also didn’t mention anything that would stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed or furniture. That’s a big issue, because you need to block them from feeding so that they can no longer reproduce.

I would ask your PCO exactly what treatment methods they’ve employed so far, and I would seriously reconsider the possibility that you may be dealing with something besides bed bugs.