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Super tiny, could it be a bedbug?

Is this a bedbug? Help ease my mind.

I was told “it couldn’t possible be a bedbug” when I asked the exterminators because I just had my daughter’s room sprayed the day before by said exterminators. She has bedbug bites and we found one egg on an inspection on Monday.

I saw this bug leaving her room, and immediately contained it in a plastic cup. Next, I called the exterminator back because I was told that they would be confined to her room.

Her room is 10 feet from my room so I just happened to look down the hallway about 1 foot from her door to see something crawling on the wall and decided to scoop it up into a plastic cup.

First pic is 5x mag using the camera setting on my phone. Penny for size reference
The second pic was taken using a microscope around 800-900x mag.
The darn thing keeps wiggling and crawling so that’s why the pics aren’t completely in focus.
I estimate it to be about 2 mm.

My skin is literally crawling, and I’ve had no bites.

Thank you

id say it looks less like a bedbug and more like a grain beetle, maybe the foreign grain beetle?