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Suspicion of Bed Bugs


first of all, thanks for this Forum and the help provided here, it’s amazing!

We are suspecting bed bugs at our place, but were not able to find one regardless of a quite thorough search. Unfortunately, our beds are covered in artificial leather and textile fabric.

My wife got bitten in March with bites suspiciously looking like photos on the internet of bed bug bites.

Then nothing happened for three months. Last week, she got bitten again and also I had some suspicious bites. Nevertheless, the only thing we could find was this:

Bug 7 by Jacob Ap, on Flickr

Bug 5 by Jacob Ap, on Flickr

Bug 3 by Jacob Ap, on Flickr

Thanks in advance!


Hello, and welcome to our forum. What you have there is a black carpet beetle. They are shaped a lot like a bed bug, but the antennae and markings are very different. They’re a pretty common household pest, but they only eat fibers like carpet, clothing, and upholstered furniture. They’re not bloodsuckers like bed bugs.


Thank you Sir!

Still I am not too calm, because of the suspicious bites, but hope that they won’t come again.
A bit strange what else it could have caused the bites…

Thanks again,