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Time to panic? Found shell on mattress sheet

20200119_152045Found this shell, a hotel I have to stay at every month for military drill has bed bugs, now I do the proper prevention, never take things in the hotel, leave my backpack in my trunk and store it in my garage amd strip down my clothes and immediatly toss them into the dryer when I get home, and then spray my bed and frame for good.measure, now I inspect my mattress and frame and areas around my bed and found no other signs, no black dots or blood spots or other shells, just this one shell on my mattress.

Is this just an old shell that I picked up from the hotel or should I begin to panic…!



It’s hard to say whether those skins are from bed bugs or a similar pest. The best way to know for sure would be to begin monitoring for bugs that attempt to enter your bed for feeding. Move your bed from the wall and other furniture, then measure the legs to see which of these ClimbUp Interceptors they’ll fit in.