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Treatment for our 3 rooms

Hello, we had bed bugs on our mattresses but we threw them away and have been spraying residual bed bug spray, glue traps, BB bombs and bed bug eco friendly spray. We haven’t gotten bit for a few weeks but I am still paranoid. We found 2 in the past few days but no one has gotten bit so I’m thinking those were from the comforters that we had in our comforter from a room we have separated from the house. Could you recommend us what else to do to make sure BB are fully gone from our lives? I’m constantly checking all the room, bedding, pillows and luckily we haven’t found anything besides those 2 (we think came from the outside room). Any help would be very much appreciated!

Also, I spray the rooms almost every few days and today I put the powder under our beds.
What else can I use to keep it BB free?