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Trying to Find Some Peace!

I definitely confirmed my boyfriend and I had bed bugs in our Brooklyn apartment after finding one crawling on top of the bed. Underneath, we found a few more, but very little signs of feces or skins.

We immediately killed the ones we saw, steamed the entire mattress and bed frame with an industrial style steamer and then got a professional extermination a few days later. We’ve since had a follow up extermination, but when we came home after that second spray, we found two more bugs—they were dead on the floor.

I know it seems silly, but I am concerned about how/why these dead bugs survived the first spray, and where they might be hiding seeing as we’ve literally torn EVERYTHING apart, down to taking apart the bed frame.

The mattress is now in a new cover, and we’ll have one more spray, but I guess I want to know when I can start finding some peace. We haven’t seen any more live bugs since that first day that we found them, but obviously that doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

Additionally, our bed bugs looked “mature” when we found them, as in they were larger bugs—does that certainly mean the infestation had been around for a long time? I attached a photo to show what they looked like when we found them.

Hello, and welcome to our forum. Those are definitely adult bed bugs, so you’ll want to start a full treatment right away. Here is a link to our recommended treatment solution: http://www.bedbugsupply.com/how-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs-in-4-steps.html