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Want to move. Help!


My bbs r secluded in one room so far bc it’s door bottom meets the carpet and i powdered d/e there. As soon as I found a bite after i came back from florida trip i started panic bc where i live is not known for bug bites in march.

Anyway i did everything I could do, packed up everything and sprayed stuff, used d/e and poisonous power around the room. Sprayed 97% alcohol everywhere and wiped with chlorine while i was packing the tuff in that room. I found 2 dead bbs after the treatment.

I slept in another room for a month without any bite bc i was going crazy with paranoias and gone for a month from home for a trip (i packed real carefully with everything hot dried and sprayed the bags and i was ok while i was in the hotel- a few mosquito bites but it was june. so) and came back and on around 80th day from the day I abandoned the room I began sleeping in that room again

Days went by without a bite for 17days. Btw, meanwhile I searched and found 3 more dead bbs in the room dried up and one could’ve been alive recently(stuck on the sticky trap)

Until on 18th day evening i found a itchy spot on my shoulder, not as painful.( i react really heavily)
I thought it could be a mosquito bite but still wanted to be sure.

I went to the room and started with the mattress with forensic mode.
Nothing. I took a flashlight too and I started to check all the seams of my mattress top. Almost all the way around and when I started to relax a bit(yet keep telling me no hurry no hurry u have got to be sure)
there it was! A live bb!

I was shaking so hard I couldn’t think clearly

It was big and alive and kicking after feeding (of me!!!). I didn’t want to touch it and I couldn’t remember where i put my powders. So I I moved it with my flashlight to the powder I sprinkled around the bed and took it out and put it in my bb collection bag(other 4 were there except the one on the sticky trap).

Once in the bag I could see it was probably a male (more elongated body) meaning no eggs at least.(not sure of course. I am hoping). I searched the bed and surround area again but nothing.
Still my mattress looks meticulous white and only i think i see faint telltale black inky feces on my cover(i was using white sheet to see clearly)

3 more bite spots on my chest began to be itchy near to the shoulder spot, meaning they happened together not last night but the night before!
After feeding, the day I caught that one, it was resting apparently because it turned out it didn’t bit me that night

itching itself is so not important.
Actually I am so upset I don’t even feel it!

It’s been 17 days in the room and where had it been? Just there waiting for… what? Sniffing for… what?
They are supposed to be real hungry and hop out happily the moment I stepped in the room not to mention sleeping in at nights and nights!
They had not been fed for 100 days! And waited 17days to come out! Why?

Strange thing is my husband (he snores so the room I slept in was my daughter’s room who is away to graduate school) never had gotten a bite in Florida nor in the house.
I know some ppl don’t react but when I sleep in our room or any other area I don’t get bites either. My daughter got one bite too in that Florida hotel(btwit was almost $300 room. Not some cheap motel either) but it went right away and never happened again she said.

Only me, only my stuff i took to that room got 6 bbs? Does it make sense?

I usually wash everything when I come back from trip but this time left out unused undies and clothing during the trip and took to the room alright but i mean they have come in the luggage all together and all of them were crowded in my stuff only?

Initially i packed everything outside of that room too, toasted every clothing and linens everywhere in the house and treated with sprays and stuff but apparently our bed room and living room are just fine after all this time. (100days remember?) You can do anything in the other area(taking naps too) but are fine. How could this be?

Btw i powdered heavily all around the wall of that room, sealing it.

I am grateful that it is so but still it doesn’t make sense. 6 bbs(so far that is - seems about 2 adults and 4 nymphs by the size but of course not sure) in a row come and nestle in one person’s clothing only??
Sorry i am obsessed

Ok. About moving


I can get rid of a lot to just get out of this mess. Yes i can.

10 years of living in this apartment nothing is new anyway.

I will not take any furniture

I can pack only the keepsake stuff(pictures and records and some books that was in ‘the room’ and taped the box all the seams throughly and spray them and send them and still will never open them for 18mo( they say bb can live without feeding for 18mo and it’s been 100days already. The one that bit me recently I killed)wherever we move


For Anything i pack from outside of ‘the room’, I will also apck and will not open for 18mo

I will re-toast all the clothing that i decide to keep (bare minimum. even the new ones) in the dryer in high temperature in the plastic bag ever again and pack them in clear plastic bag and put them in the luggage(that was proved fine when I traveled but) that I throughly treat again with hot steam and killing sprays and alcohols and freezings(where i live it goes down -0 to -20 easy in winter outside ).

If i move in winter (i haven’t decided yet) I will freeze the winter coats that I can’t heat dry outside for days and pack them until i go and take them out and put them on just the min before i walk out

I will pack all the cosmetics and medicine bottles and small bottles after I wipe them with chlorine in the clear plastic bag and will use them in and out of the bag.(using them after i wipe them and put them in the bag back right away)

i will do the same for the stationery items i am using every day. Wipe and spray them and put them in the clear plastic bag and will use them only after i wipe them again

I have ipad and laptops i use everyday but i am using them all in the area where it is proven months to sleep in safe but I will keep an eye on them. I will spray them with alcohol and check all the cracks carefully.
I got one of those goos to clean cracks and I think i can handle the laptop with it) we took our ipad to the recent trip without incident

Btw, My husband has no problem in his office while he is wearing all the clothing that hung in the closet outside of the room all this time. Me either

While i was sleeping in ‘that room’ i left my pj in the room right away.(even if they say they will not stay on the clothing we r wearing for they hate body temperature) and never wore anything from that room outside of the room. But like i said, i will not take with me anything without ‘treatment

I will not take any other electronic stuff that has anyway for bbs to be able to get into(holes and cracks) that I cannot reach with the alcohol spray even if they were outside of that room

What I am missing? I do all this and still there is a chance that bb will follow me? How? What is the suggestion?


I’m sorry to hear about your infestation, but I want to be clear that none of what you’ve described constitutes a recommended bed bug treatment. Moving is not a necessity, nor is it even easy to move without risking bringing bed bugs with you. Please review our 4-step solution or contact our support team so that they can walk through your options.


Hey, Josh
Thank you so very much for answering my question.
I was going crazy and depressed so your answer itself helped a lot. It means a lot to me. Someone listened.
But i did go through 4 steps of your solution already. I have ordered some stuff from you and living where I am i can’t get all of them mailed anyway. (I have talked over the phone with you) But i did my best.
Step one 1. I sealed my mattress but found the bug on the coverlet hiding anyway.

.step 2. I isolated my bed with powder mound around the legs of the bed in the main bed room that we have no problem and all the thresholds. But I couldn’t do it very well for the bed i was sleeping in (te one i get bitten) bc it is a wood box furniture style. But still i did my best with powder all the way round.
Step 3
I vacuumed and steamed and sprayed the room, many many times.

Step 4. I sprayed and powdered heavily with a mask on and steamed all the cracks. (After I packed everything away tightly) and set the passive monitor which unfortunately didn’t show any signs when one was found on the coverlet after feeding) i did yeast trick with sticky tape to no avail. One accidentally stuck to it though without a prompt though. So far my mattress and the passive monitor is white and meticulously clean all this time.
I did all that and yet found a bed bug in the room so i am trying to isolate the room as much as possible with powder mound barriers which is successful so far.(meager proof but only thing i can positively tell : i get bitten in that room only)

My question was, after i did all that, and pack everything by that standard will i be ok.

Thank you.



These are absolutely not descriptions of our steps and will absolutely not be effective as described. Respectfully, you can’t cut corners with your bed bug treatment or the entire treatment is worthless.