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What steps to take next

I bought a set of encasements, a steamer, and a spray kit from you to kill the bedbugs in my room. When the stuff came in I put the encasements on and steamed and sprayed my bed frame and all over the room.

It seemed to work for a little while, but now Im getting bit again. What should I be doing next?

It sounds like you’re attempting to follow the 4-step solution, but you missed a couple of important parts of the process:

  1. You need to isolate your bed by moving it away from the wall and other furniture, and by applying ClimbUp Interceptors under each leg of the bed. This will stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed and feeding on you. Right now, there’s nothing stopping bed bugs from getting to you, so they’re still able to feed and reproduce.

  2. You need to reapply your contact and residual sprays about 2 weeks after the initial treatment, then again 2 weeks after that. These re-applications are to kill any bed bugs that may have survived the first treatment, as well as any eggs that have hatched during the last couple of weeks.

Definitely need the climbup interceptors to block them from betting back in your bed. If not, they will just climb right up and re-infest your bed.