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What's in my hair

We have been battling bed bugs for since February. 4 exterminations and me personally spraying and putting down de and we are still struggling. So in the morning I wake up walk and I feel things falling out of my hair. During the day, I will constantly feel something crawling in there. If I am standing still in my house for too long I will feel them at my feet and ankle and then will eventually feel stuff in my hair. Small but I feel it. I have not been able to just go in my hair and pull the bug out. My hair is thick but I’m thinning in the middle due to the stress. But this must be a strong bug. So my question is do bed bugs hang out in your hair? Or is this a different bug? Please help

Is it possible that you are just super paranoid as I’m sure having bed bugs make you uneasy. When you feel the crawling at your feet then look to see if anythings there ? If not then it could just be your mind playing tricks. As for the crawling in your hair then get a nit comb see if anythings in there. It could be nits? Or again just paranoid.

Goodness. I’ve discovered mine two weeks ago and I also sometimes feel something in my hair but nothing falls out and I’m also waking up thinking they crawled in my ears so I put cotton in my ears at nite. I did read they do not stay in your head like lice. I also see tiny white bugs on my sheets figuring they are newborns. I’m having my first extermination Tomorrow. Good luck sorry… hope u get them out soon. Funny thing is I see them but have no bites.

They prefer hairless skin from what I’ve read, although they definitely can bite under my beard,granted it’s not too thick yet.
Perhaps it’s the DE you’re spreading kicking up and clumping up in your hair.

Honestly DE seemed to be a waste of my time, and I really tried it hard. I feel optimistic about the cimexa I just ordered, can’t wait for it to arrive. The testimonials and research results and everything are outstanding for cimexa.

if you know where to use your cimexa… .i haven’t noticed any bed bugs where i spread cimexa

I experienced the same for many days after I discovered the infestation and was fighting it though I was sleeping in the guest bedroom where there were no bedbugs. I realized it was psychological because when i checked the areas where I had the crawly feel there would be nothing, Same with hair too which I combed with a fine tooth many time but nothing there. It is all psychological (PTST). Probably it is body’s way to keeping you on your toes to not not drop guard and be on the look out for these monsters. Trust me bedbug infestation takes a severe psychological toll.

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