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When to replace DE

I just discovered BB in my daughters room about 2 weeks ago I washed and dried everything in her room any sprayed everything that wouldn’t fit in the dryer or dishwasher( I put all of her plastic toys without batteries in the dishwasher the rest have been bagged up and put in our shed for the next year at least) with raid bed bug killer I put DE inside her dressers and along all of the walls in her room the day I found them I have been searching the other rooms in the apartment every day and have not found a single sign of them anywhere else I put DE along the walls and in the closets of the rest of the apartment just in case. I encased her mattress even though I didn’t see any on it (its plastic she is a todler in a crib)Should I vaccume up the DE all over her floor and re-apply or should I leave it and continue spraying every 7 days

Diatomaceous earth will work indefinitely as long as it stays dry and undisturbed.

I sprinkled it all over her floor but I have had to keep her out of her room during the day to keep her out of it I’m just wondering if I should vaccume it up along with any dead bugs or if I should let it sit longer

Diatomaceous earth shouldn’t be applied anywhere where it will be regularly disturbed. It’s meant as part of our 4-step solution for places that sprays can’t reach or can’t be safely applied. It’s not a broadcast treatment method or an all-in-one treatment solution.

I’ve been using DE for too long, switch to cimexa also silica gel powder. The reviews are outstanding and with my experience I believe the articles I read about bedbugs simply breeding faster then the DE kills them, and I really invested in DE for a while, constant vacuuming and reapplying, the most it did was force them to climb the walls more often. This last time I fully surrounded my bed with large amounts of DE, and threw it against the walls and where the walls met the ceilings, they still got in my bed.

I used HotShot DE and it has been effective along with glue boards. How did Cimexa work for you?


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