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Why is it important to follow the full four step solution

I was reading over the easy four step solution and was curious why it is important to follow it?

I’ve moved your question to the Treatments category.

The 4-step solution uses certain products in a certain order because that’s the most effective order to work in. If you skip steps, or perform the steps out of order, you risk making errors in your treatment, allowing the infestation to continue to feed, and costing you time and money.

Say, for example, that you skip step 2 (isolating your bed) and continue on to vacuum, steam, spray, and powder all over the room. Sure, you may have killed a lot of bed bugs. You may even have killed most of them. However, odds are there are a few that you missed, and they are still able to reach you in your bed.

Once they find you and feed again, they’ll be able to continue growing and reproducing, quickly undoing your efforts. You’ll then have to reapply, costing time and money that could have been saved if you had followed the steps correctly to begin with.

Bed bug treatments are no time to cut corners or improvise. Stick with what’s been proven to work for tens of thousands of happy customers over the years.

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