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Will bed bugs go dormant if they cant get to you


I recently had bed bugs and had professionals come in to take care of them. My question is that if there are any stragglers left( I havent seen any in the interceptor traps in 3 weeks) will they go dormant if they cant get to people. We have interceptors under every bed and I still have DE brushed in the crevices of every wall. Am I on the right path to knowing they are gone for good or should I be worried they are just waiting for me to let my guard down

I know I sound crazy but 3 months after discovering them and I’m still having nightmares about them on my kids.


Hello, and welcome to our forum. It is definitely still possible for bed bugs to be alive and nesting in the area. We discuss this scenario in more detail on our blog: https://www.bedbugsupply.com/blog/faq/when-bed-bugs-are-gone/


How can I find there nesting areas if I’m not seeing any in the traps I had a very small infestation isolated to one room and have not found any nor signs in other rooms so I think I caught it quickly